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Chocolate Milk Review: Mars Milkshake

When it comes to chocolate milk, there is one that (for me) stands above the rest. If an old friend was to meet up with me and wanted to bring a drink as a present, it would probably be a mars milkshake – ive often wondered why Mars haven’t sponsored me yet with how many ive bought and consumed throughout the years and how famous together we have become haha… 😐

Mars. Probably my fav :)

Anyway, Mars milk has a hint of caramel as well as its based around a mars bar – the taste is similar but you are never going to replicate an actual marsbar in a drink!

They taste delicious and are apparently not too bad for athletes or something – i read it on the bottle once but didn’t pay that much attention.

They also so an extra choc one that is ok but it loses its Mars Charm as there is less caramel – and the thick shake is nice but it will never be the original mars milkshake. And for those of you who dont drink it often you can get it in a powder form so you can enjoy whenever you want.

I actually think it tastes better out a carton – like coke out a glass bottle – there is just something about it 🙂


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