Rap Battles Ruined my Life

Ok, so a good few years ago me and some friends started watching Rap Battles on YouTube, we’d laugh at the likes of Dirt Bag Dan making jokes and spitting bars to his opponent… But after a while the gun bars and American references got a little too much and we all kinda lost interest.

A few months ago, Liam (friend and business partner) linked me to a new rap battle that he said i’d like, it was Blizzard vs Mark Grist – Student/Teacher Battle from Dont Flop Entertainment, and after watching it, laughing my ass off for 17 minutes, i was once again hooked!

After watching a few other battles i decided that i needed to really swat up as there were too many “in jokes” and references to old battles and i wasn’t sure what some people were referring to in some of the rounds.

So i went back to the very first Dont Flop-esq Battle, which is hosted on Don’t Flop Founder, Eurgh’s own YouTube account – EurghTube. I then proceeded to watch every battle on EurghTube, until i’d seen them all. Then, rather than watch every single video on the actual Dont Flop channel i singled out certain MC’s, searched for them (within the Dont Flop channel of course) and then watched them from debut right through to the newer stuff.

I find the level of intellect and preparation from some of the battlers is just outstanding, people such as Tenchoo and Lego make me actual LOL at times, and then people like Micky Worthless and Lunar C both got bars, but their stage presence and jokes add an element of humor to Dont Flop that really makes it stand out as one of the most entertaining things on YouTube right now.

Being the type of guy i am, i want to get involved in some way, not sure how as they have most things locked down, but i extend this offer to the Dont Flop team, if you need help with anything web-related then im your man – that includes help with the Blog too!

Im off to mow my lawn, sit in the sun, and probably watch more rap battles!


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