Life changes

Not only is that the title of one of my favorite Wu-Tang tracks,  its also a very true statement. You never know whats round the corner, and it doesn’t matter how good you think you’ve got it – you could be back to square one before you can say “smoke me a kipper, ill be back for breakfast…”

For the last few years of my life i’ve been in a relationship and going down the whole settling down, having kids kinda route – very strange for me at first as its not something i ever really wanted, but i warmed to it and it soon became what i wanted to do with my life (that and work loads to earn loads of money of course)

Then due to some still pretty much unknown (to me) reasons the relationship ended – which left me having to make changes to my life that i never thought i’d ever have to make again. 🙁

I’m now living with a couple of my mates, nearer work – just outside Mansfield. The house is lovely, its got an awesome back garden and a garage for the caddy – if the circumstances for me moving here weren’t so shit, i’d have said that i’d landed on my feet with this house! 🙂

I have to make the best out of any situation im in, so now that the focus of my attention has shifted i find myself in a position where i have more time, and much less reponsibility – so im filling this time with new ventures, old ventures resurrected and generally doing all the things i set my heart on all those years ago when i was starting out in my entrepreneurial journey through life.

I still get to see my dog at the weekends, so my weekends will consist of long walks getting lost in random forests, trips to the seaside and generally spoiling her rotten! No matter what i do through my life, she will always be the most important thing to me and the time i spend with her will always be treasured.

More soon…


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