The “Hidden” Internet….

This week in the news a couple of teenagers have been arrested due to carrying out some crazy phone hack on the US government – i started reading into it as I always find it hilarious when a couple of kids can take over something set up by a load of really clever .gov types!

Anyway, I’m reading an article on the register about it and after I’d finished I noticed that the good fellows at #Anonymous had closed down what was described as a “hidden child abuse hub” in around Oct2011 – now I’m not into child abuse hubs, but this once again intrigued me as to what these articles meant by these “hidden” resources.. They cant simply mean passworded sites as the servers that hosted these sites would be located and shut down?

So after a bit more digging I find another article talking about the “Hidden Wiki” and something called the Tor network. A few minutes later I had installed it, opened it, clicked a few links and ended on a directory that contained links to possibly some of the most disturbing things i have ever seen in my life – all on domain extensions that when trying to access on the normal Internet simply present you with a 404 page.

The idea behind the Tor network is basically an entire anonymous Internet only accessible when you connect to their network, where the source of websites, and the identity of the people browsing them cant be traced – so you can basically talk about everything and anything and get away with it – and it doesn’t take you long to see who mostly inhabits this underworld – lowlifes, peado’s and no doubt terrorists and everything in-between…

Like most normal people, until i started reading into it I didn’t know this world existed – and according to sources it is potentially 400/500 times BIGGER than the commonly defined world wide web. That is a worrying thought, is it not?

To conclude, I’m all up for an open, free and anonymous Internet but nothing should ever be 100% unrestricted as it ends up being used by child abusers and the likes to fuel their sick desires – please, Tor Police – do something about the horrible stuff on there… That’s not why you set the Tor network up, is it?


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