I haven’t actually blogged for ages

It seems like a hell of a long time ago that i actually wrote a blog post that wasn’t aimed or themed around the marketing of one of our websites, or one of our customers. I wouldn’t really count the lyrics stuff as blogging either – as that’s pure search engine catnip, and all those are done as tests to see how much i can own google.

Things are going great with work – we’re going from strength to strength and our team is probably going to need to grow again real soon! It would be nice to get someone in who is more techie than both Adam and Myself, or maybe just a hardcore coder who can do ninja php and asp stuff – that WOULD be cool!

But anyway, we are ticking along nicely doing the web work, online shops, and search engine domination work for our awesome collection of customers.

In fact – things are moving forward so well now, Dave and myself have both been looking at potentially buying a business. Its something that would run totally independently from work, and in fact not require much involvement from us at all apart from us developing a website for us (but that ain’t gonna be costly is it 🙂 )

Its something Gemma and I have spoke about too – as running a business that’s already off the ground is something she can do, but starting something from scratch again is just something neither of us could afford, yet.

I suppose when work is paying a lot more, Gemma and myself could spend some time planning a little business for her – but for the time being buying a pre-made business looks like maybe the best option.

Aside from that nothing has really changed! Im still driving my Caddy, we’re still living in the same house (although now we have cool new shit like a new TV etc) and life is just ticking along normally!

I think I’m gonna go back to my old way of blogging a bit more – its therapeutic 🙂

TTFN bitches.

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