Multiple Gmail Accounts on HTC Hero

I’ve recently got myself a HTC Hero through work, as I’m sick of blackberry’s not working right and constantly failing. Before i got the HTC I was really unsure whether or not me and my fat fingers would get on with it – so far so good however!

If it wasn’t for the HTC auto-correct stuff I’d have sent it back already!

The only other two things i was unsure about, was the lack of multiple Gmail account support and the lack of blackberry messenger. I still miss BBM but I’ve managed to sort out the issue with having more then one gmail account on it.

After some extensive google searching i stumbled upon a forum post on an android forum discussing this very issue – and one of the form posters mentioned a beta program that ticks all the boxes.

Its called the SEVEN Beta program, and you can download the software you need (for now) for free here;

I had to get the version for the G1 as there was no entry for HTC hero but it works VERY well – supports as many yahoo, gmail and hotmail accounts as you want to add and it is integrates into your Hero very well – notifying you of new mail via the top drop down notification window.

All in all, its put anther gold star against the HTC Hero, and that new blackberry they offered me is looking more and more like its never going to happen

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Android is an awesome operating system. The Android auto-correct for the virtual keyboard is fantastic. Very clever stuff.

The app sounds pretty cool, although I only ever really use one GMail account. 🙂

Stu – shape writer FTW!

Its a BIT annoying at times, but its AMAZINGLY clever!!

Kian – Never heard of that one – will trial it as TBH “Seven” has its annoyances!!

Does anybody know which sort of video recordsdata are supported? I remember the Instinct only might dl 3gp utilizing opera mini. I downloaded the twist ap, perhaps that’s the issue? How can I watch movies from sites aside from youtube? Which file varieties? Normally I’m given the option of 3gp or mpeg4. Cannot get both to work. Thank you to your time! Rattling I want I used to be eligible for the upgrade to EVO!

Thanks for the great article, I’m very excited. I have had my telephone for just over a month now and am really playing the entire free apps from the android marketplace, having the ability to have the web and navigation at my fingertips the entire time. The only less than concept function is the image/video text messages, as they are not downloading properly.

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