Yeah they 10’s… I keep um clean though!

Ever since the dawn of car modifying there has been one truth that will always be true, and will always be one of the first things a n00b car modifyer will learn. When you get a car that you are going to modify, the best (and first) thing you shuld do is put some allow wheels on it – and lower it!

These two mod’s alone will totally transform the look of your car, and a lot opf people are totoally happy with it and do nothing else to the outside!However, you need to ensure you keep on top of the brakedust buildup and other crap that loves to stick to your wheels – else your efforts and hard earned cash will of totally gone to waste.

Both myself and a local alloy wheels company that we do some work for agree that the best way to clean your wheels is to use ezactly the same stuff that you use to clean your car. Nothing abrasive, none of these super wheel cleaner sprays – as they could damage the finish of the wheels. Once all the muck is washed off we recommend you use RimWax – which is a wax similar to the stuff you use on your paint work, but with added juicyness that helps remove any final bits of brakedust and aids the wheels in repelling the nasty brake crap and road scum in the future.

It smells like bubblegum (DO NOT EAT IT!) and looks awesome – and does an amazing job of keeping your alloy wheels clean. Smartwax is a brand of cleaning products we have had quite a lot to do with over the last few years, but we are putting all our eggs into the Rim Wax basket now – as we truly believe this product needs to be in the cleaning kits of every detailer, valeter and car cleaner in the country!!

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