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Canadian Pro Action Cameras

Since the initial launch of Pro Action Cameras UK, we have really started to make a dent on Action Camera Market – So we thought it was about time to launch the Canadian wing of the ProAction empire.

ProActionCameras.CA is basically the same as the UK version but is in Canadian dollars, the shipping is configured to CA and we hold stock out in our Canadian office so that delivery is still sharp and quick!

All the contact details are all localised too, meaning that when someone wants to get in touch over the pond, they can speak to someone in Canada, in the same time-zone as the customer.

We’re launching the EU and the USA leg soon – watch this space!

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Hi i bouht a KL-509 Mini Digital Video Recorder with a JS-418C Mini Button CCD Camera,but i have cracked the screen some how and would like to get it repaired or replaced.Where and how? Thanks
P/S I like the thing.

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