Stressful Windows Server Hosting

We’ve been a webhost for YEARS now – probably going on 6! But our hosting journey has never catered for the people who run ASP and need windows hosting – its just never come into the picture before – until now anyway.

One of our large customers runs two office furniture websites and one of them has been put together by someone else – using ASP and all the jazz that go’s along with it. Migrating the files was a piece of cake. Fetching the database is a piece of piss too. But when it came to getting everything to sing in perfect harmony – its been a total nightmare.

Thankfully we’ve got our windows server from Craig @ VeloxServ who has been a true saint over the last few weeks trying to help us get it all working properly. The issue we are having is with the ASP.NET session state which is the JuJu that stores all the user info (products in a shopping cart etc) and despite trying everything to get it working and in fact getting the session state to run –  it still wont allow people to add things to the cart!

Hopefully a friend of Adam’s is gonna help us with it tomorrow as this issue has really got us all stumped. Windows hosting, eh – what a load of old shite!

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