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I wanted to move a load of domains away from, as a client of ours wanted us to handle everything for them – and we dont use UK2 for domain name regestration.

I searched the web, trying to find a guide on how to do it but it seems as if they’ve changed their procedure  recently.  Even the 123-reg domain transfer guide is out dated!

So here’s what i got sent from UK2 – and i thought i’d share it with you guys!

“If a domain name is transferred within the first 2 years of registration, an administration fee of £12.99 excluding VAT will be charged. The transfer or change of handle / tags will not take place until payment has been received in full.

Please go to and select Account Login.

Once logged in (to the new “Dashboard” control panel) … Please update the Nameserver settings for the relevant domain to the ones specified by your new host. (You will need to find out the names of both the “new” Primary & Secondary “Nameservers” from your new hosting organisation).

From the Dashboard main menu select Domains, then select the specific Domain, then select the Change Nameservers option – and action this change.

Then in order to transfer your domain to another host please go to Please fill out the move away screen – until the point where the screen shows your “cyber travel out” Order Number.


UK2 require this confirmation from you before we can process your order(s).

Once UK2 have received your confirmation email reply we will usually process your cyber travel out order(s) within 2 working days.

Once this process has been fully completed the domain “Registrar IPS Tag” will be changed to that of your new hosts, and they can manage the domain themselves

ADDITIONALLY, IF YOU HAVE WEBSPACE WITH UK2 FOR THIS DOMAIN – Please go to > Support > Submit a Ticket, and submit a Ticket to the Cancellations department.

In the Ticket please state – your Domain Name your cyber travel Order Number and state “Please CANCEL my Webspace for this Domain”.

What a stupid process!

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Hmm, I’m thinking of moving my domain away, but seeing as i’ve bought 2 years worth of webhosting, are they just going to make off with the £100+ for the remaining years hosting?! Tyrants.

Actually UK2 have improved dramatically over the years that we have used them. I had my run ins with them in the early years but that was partly my fault because I didn’t understand that I could just change the DNS to point to another server. I’m not saying that they are perfect but they are so much better. Although it is a bit of a faf I recon that the price charged for moving represents a fair charge for having someone manually make a change and the requirement for you to confirm the move from a verifiable source is a good way to stop someone nicking your domains. I don’t want someone to be able to write a program to automatically nick my domains.

The price and service provided by UK2 is OK and I like the way I can order multiple domains and manage them with a simple control panel. If I want to use another webhost, which I do I can simply change the DNS record to point to the space.

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