Bonnie The Dog

And we played and played…

Its great when i meet new friends, either when we are down the park/wood and we bump into someone new or when we go to someones house and they have new friends for me. Well this time i didnt have to do anything! My new friend next door just turned up two nights ago and we have been bestist mates ever since!


I will say this about my new friend, as he’s a baby he’s learning from me – when mum or dad or Hemi’s dad shouts me i go to them and im kinda teaching Hemi what to do, BUT what isnt cool is when i chew a toy – he chews a toy – MY TOY…

And now half my bloody toys are on his garden!

Dad says i have got to share, and that most of the ones he has taken a shine to are my baby toys anyway – but im still a little pissed off about it.


In other news the bloody bangs in the sky have started again and i don’t like them. Jazz told me once that they can get you and steal your sweeties if they get too close so i go inside when i hear the bangs. Dad kept kicking me outside though, something about being a scardy cat – but im not sure if he has noticed but im quite clearly a DOG!

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