Bonnie The Dog

Ive got a new playmate!

There was a time when i had my very own playmate next door to mum and dad’s house, his name was Ogey and he was about 400 times bigger than me. But he was my bestist friend in the whole world.

Well when next door were having a new human in the house, they had to let him go live on a big farm cos he was so big he needed lots of room to run about in.


It has been about a year since my best mate went, and last night i was introduced to a new member of the family next door – his name is Hemi and he is only a baby but my dad says he will be as big as Ogey when he grows up!


Dad said he couldn’t get a better photo of him – summat to do with him moving about too much? I don’t know how these picture taking machines work im only a dog! We are all going out for walkies later and im gonna show Hemi the best places to sniff and to find toys etc, its gonna be great!!!!

My dad says he will try and get you all a better photo later if he stays still for long enough!

Here’s another photo of me to keep you all entertained till next time


Whhhaaaaatttt? I was tired!!!!

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