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Its called eBay, and you are supposed to BID!!

I am quite a well respected seller on eBay, i have brill feedback and im in the top 5000 reviewers – so you could say im a  seasoned eBay veteran.

I know what to write when selling something, and i no what to ask when buying.

So from time to time friends ask me to sell things for them on eBay, as im quite good at getting a good price for stuff. A mate of mine has recently asked me to sell his motorbike for him, and boy o boy have i had to deal with some muppets.

First off, the description of the bike was well detailed, it told when the bike was serviced, what was done, and when it was done, whats been changed, bla bla  bla. There were about 20 detailed photos, and  more info you could shake a stick at. Auction started at 1500 quid, obviously no reserve set as it didn’t say the word reserve anywhere. Local pickup preferred, nearby local delivery possible at additional cost.

The first question i get, is;

“Hi mate what condition is the bike in, and is it a runner”

What the fudge? Have you read the description? Have you looked at the 20 detailed photos?

Second question;

“how much would it be to deliver to Edinburgh”

How the fuck do i know? Do you expect me to waste my time finding out? Are you buying the bike, or am i?

At this point we had a bidder, so 1 bid @ 1500 – bangin.

Next question;

“how much is the reserve/buy it now price”

There isn’t one. obviously. Or it would say reserve not met/reserve met and have a buy it now button on my auction.

Another question;

“hi do you still have the bike and where is Mansfield”

Well, the fucking auction is still running – do motorbikes have a habit of blowing away in the wind?

Same person;

“ok what do you want to end the auction can i view it tomorrow morning”

The auction had ONE day left, so i simply said if you want it please bid on it.

Same person again

“so can i come see it tomorrow then”

Yes, if you win the auction.


If you want to buy something, then visit a shop. eBay is an ONLINE AUCTION SITE!


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