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Madeleine McCann – All but forgotten?

It was nearly 2 years ago that a little girl called Madeleine McCann was reported to of gone missing whilst on holiday with family in portugal.

As soon as the story came  out I  had my doubts about the story the public were being told, it hurt me to think it but i had a feeling the parents knew more than they were letting on and i started sharing my views with the world.

I keep an eye on my stats and ever since i started blogging about her, the hits and people finding me through looking for Maddy on google is staggering. The newspapers may of stopped printing her name, the TV doesnt show her face every 5 minutes any more, but the public are still looking for her. They are still curious to know her whereabouts and still want her found safe – even though i think most of us know that is never going to happen.

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