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Nearly had to buy new alloy wheels!

As anyone who knows us will be aware of, gemma little polo has been an absolute pain in the bum! It does seem to of been one problem after the other with the pesky blue vw, but when its clean and running well we love it – so we keep fixing it!

The other day i started taking the alloy wheels off the front of it, so that i could change the disks and pads and one of the driveshafts (got a bargain driveshaft from some car breakers in chesterfield, er the viaduct?) What i found underneath made me feel sick.

The hub nut on the side that i was changing the driveshaft on was hand tight, and about fell off after a slight turn. EVERY SINGLE driveshaft bolt was finger tight, and some were completely loose!

I recon if gem had used her car only a few more times, the bolts would of totally come out and she would of been skidding down the road with no alloy wheels on the front!

A scary thought, but it was close to reality! I feel a lot better now i know they are tight, but im gonna get 12 new ones as the bolts have been nearly rounded off by someone.

Be careful who you let work on your car!

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