I want a camera phone again!

It sucks.

Ive had a good quality camera phone, and been in the habit of unloading pics and uploading them to my picture site for years. Almost 6 years in fact.

Fairly recently my Nokia N73 camera phone has stopped working, and as i have had it for so long i cant get used to using my Nokia 6301. It takes OK pics when its bright daylight but if there is a shadow or its dark your screwed.

Ive looked at other phones, i have looked at the Nokia N96, the Nokia N82 and the Nokia 6220 Classic. Im swaying more towards the 6220 classic as its not going for daft prices on eBay.

My iPhone 3g dream has been shattered, but im not bothered. Ive weighed it up in my head, and now i dont work in a factory there is hardly any need for me to get a MP3 focused phone. I just want a good camera, and the nokia interface im so used to.

I have to wait till after xmas though 🙁

I might see if i can fix my N73 before i go on holiday, hmmm 🙂

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