I think i’d like my own country please

For some reason i had the urge to Google “inside sealand” this morning, as i wondered what the inside of the famous pirate principality looked like. I wasn’t expecting an underground city, more like a house floating on the water somewhere.

I totally love the idea of being able to do whatever you want. The royal family (the Bates’) have their own currency, their own flag and their own laws. I bet they dont pay tax or anything too! In addition to being cool as fuck, its also the ideal platform to run a large datacentre style operation as you are outside of any countries laws so can host dodgy shit, or just offer very secure hosting for normal shit.

After a bit of digging i found that sealand wasn’t the only independent “island”, and that a chap called Stuart Hill was given a small island off shetland and has declared it to be called Forvik.

he’s built a little house on the 2 acre island, but according to what i have read the weather is pretty shit most of the year, and the island is in fact pretty uninhabitable.

I have to say though, i admire these people for wanting to do something a bit bizarre instead  of growing up getting married having kids then dying.

I would love to visit Forvik, or even Sealand for that matter – and i would like to one day also declare myself a king of some island somewhere. Preferably a hot one though 🙂

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