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Another 123-Reg Nightmare!

Once again, 123-Reg have shone through and have fucked up good and proper. We must have 35/40 domain names in our 123-Reg account, some ours, some are our clients – all important.

Anyone who has visited my blog before may remember the earlier entry about the 123-Reg auto renewal issue that we had. They basically automatically renewed a domain name we didn’t want renewing. If they were gonna automatically do it then why send us emails every week telling us to renew it?

Anyway, following on from that same issue, we basically got our money back from the bank, then it got sent back to them, and then we got it back again. They have now totally shut our 123-Reg account down, we cant access any domain names to make changes, we have two sites we cant publish as we cant edit domain name details.

They even told Dave they had deleted our account!

We are waiting to hear back from the people up high apparently, and the only way to contact them is by email. They are probably on their sun lounger in the Bahamas replying to emails on their blackberry. Tossers.

We’ll update you as things progress!

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