More progress and developments

Well, the last blog post was pretty much completed. The airbag stuff is in, the lid is secured, and everything is tested! It all works very well, and we just have a few little things to look at and the airbag stuff will work 100%.

It is much better than before, better than when DS Engineering robbed me of £2000 to initially set it up. In fact i would even say they made a complete abortion of it. It had to be sent back once to have some welding finished that they had left in a dangerous state, and they just bolted all the stuff in the back on a bit of wood – completely exposed to the elements!

Now we have it in a fabricated box, all bolted down to the bottom of the caddy, and i have used much bigger solenoids, much bigger (like, LOADS bigger) pipework and a pressure switch that actually works!

When i first had the airbags, i was totally dissapointed with it. It was slow, didnt seem to move much.. Now i am extatic, as it moves RATE fast, and go’s PROPER high and really quite low as well!

We have lots of wiring to do, but after that i will put some vids up of it moving up and down etc 🙂

In other news, im feeling much better now i am sorting things out money wise. I may be burning the candle at both ends by staying up late and only getting 5 hours sleep max a night, but its nesscery as at the moment im trying to do a lot in order to both secure my future, and my present.

As soon as i am up to date with bills, and the caddy is on the road and working – i am gonna start putting some cash away to help start a little sidelline venture me and dave have been speaking about for ages.  It involves something we both love, and is probably something we can make a fair bit of cash at if we stay on our toes and bring in a few people to help us along the way 🙂

Im off to sleep now, more work to be done tomorrow, then monday i am set for a VERY long day!

10am till 5pm at a clients, then 10pm till 6am at the box.. Wont be getting much sleep that day(s)!

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