Progress report

Well im a few weeks into my working-two-jobs lifestyle, and i am finding it very hard to squeeze everything in. I am working 8 hours at tha box, then coming home and doing up to 8 hours on the pc at home. I am totally exhausted, but right now i am also totally buzzin!

The main reason for working at the box, is to earn enough cash to get a bit ahead with my bills, and to get the caddy on the road. So over the last few weeks i have been collecting the odd part for my airbag system, such as fittings, solenoids and a shiney new compressor.

Newth kindly set the solenoids up for me, and has been tonight to help me (well, i just made coffee actually) fit all the stuff into my car, now that stu had been and welded my box in.

Tonight, we managed to;

  • Secure the box lid – no one is stealing my shit again!
  • Fit and wire up the compressor
  • Fit and pipe up the tank
  • Fit and wire up the solenoids
  • and….
  • Test the airbags!!!!!

I am pleased to announce that all 4 of my airbags seem to be working fine, no leaks, nothing!

And i initially wanted fast movement, but it was crap.. Now.. well, lets just say newth might be right about bending the caddy in half!

Pics to add tomorrow!

Thank you newth, scot and stu!

You are all legends!

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