1st week over

My first week back at THE BOX is over. It wasnt so bad 🙂 Its am awesome feeling knowing that i am gonna get paid at the end of next week and from then on until i leave.

It has really taken it toll on me, im so out of touch when it comes to manual labour its untrue! My feet hurt, my legs hurt, and i am exhausted.


Im happy 🙂

I haven’t had as much time to spend on the business stuff as i wanted, but thats mainly been due to me being knackered – as i get more into it and as i get fitter i wont be as tired, and will be able to carry on doing both mekulbox stuff, and our stuff – without a hitch.

Off to lie on the bed now, as i have 3 hours at WW tomorrow updating their shop.

Please boost my balloon to help me win the worlds first internet balloon race!

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