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The Wheelbase Motor Project – Nottingham

I was sat watching the news and eating my dinner with Gem and Bonnie, when something about the “Wheelbase project” came on. It showed a grass track nova that had been “done up” to be used in grass track, banger style racing – COOL!!

The wheelbase project is;

“an innovative project based in Nottingham working with young people aged 14-25 years old who are at risk of crime and social exclusion”

The kids who they interviewed on the news were all boasting about how they “dropped out of school” or used to “always get into fights” – one kid even confessed to setting his teacher on fire…


So let me get this straight, these kids have dropped out of school becasue they were dragged up rather than brought up, and in payment for being a wart on the arse of society they get to play about with cars instead of sitting in a boring classroom listening to some boring teacher drone on about boring subjects that are, well, boring?!

Well thats it then!

KIDS! If you want a career in the motor trade or you just cant be arsed to work hard at school, all you have to do is set your teacher on fire, smash a few school windows and kill any farm animals your school may keep! Simple! And as a reward you will be able to tinker about with cars, build grass track racers and even race them!


These kids chose their own path, they chose to be scumbags, so why waste money on them? Yeah sure, a few of them have reformed, a few of them no longer wish for all their teachers to be dead, but that doesn’t change the fact they once did, and it certainly doesn’t make all the things they have done wrong, right.

About ten years ago me and my mate timmyroob went on something very similar, called “The Wheels Project” – you never know, the wheelbase project could be a spin off from that? And we spent our entire 6 weeks holiday visiting scrap yards, making a off road buggy and learning to drive a transit van round a field.

All sounds like fun doesn’t it? Well we had to pay (cash money) to go on it, and the miscreant that was on it with us was one of these oxygen thieves, and he got to go on it free.

I remember it boiling my blood back then, and today seeing that the Wheelbase project is set to roll out nationwide – well lets just say boiling point has been reached, and its bubbling over the sides.

I cant possibly be the only person in the world that finds this both unfair, and a complete piss take. Genuine hard working kids get nothing like this and have to PAY OUT OF THEIR OWN POCKETS to do cool shit like this, but little bastards that set teachers on fire get it free.

Its bullshit!

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I am a client of wheelbase showing my point of view. This blog is not correct because of the reasons following: I set fire to my school and chased my teacher with a pair of scissors down the corridor, but since my time at wheelbase I have changed. School is not for everyone. I have not been in one fight during my stay at wheelbase. My attitude can be rough around the edges but nothing compared to what I was like at school. I feel that the blog that has been posted is somewhat correct but in my defence my attitude towards life and education in genaral has improved enormously!!! and I promise to prove you wrong!!!….

I am a client at wheelbase and I was never a prick at school. I got on well with work and teachers and never got kicked out of school. Not every 1 at wheelbase is a little shit. You dont understand nothink about us you should keep your comments 2 yourself. At least at wheelbase we are trying to do something positive and make changes in our lives, not wandering the streets fighting, robbing and stabbing people up, so we are not bad people but everyone has their own opinions.

Hi Guys,

First off – thanks for your comments!

Secondly, im sorry that you took offence at my post, but its my blog and i can write about whatever i want.

Surely you can see where i am coming from though?

I have done nothing but work hard all my life, and i would of loved to do something such as the wheelbase project instead of sitting in some shit classroom – but my reward for being good and not setting people on fire – JACK SHIT!

Yet you guys cause trouble and are rewarded by being let loose with welders and tools and are able to build cool shit that you can race?

How is that fair?

You may be reformed now, the wheelbase project may of turned you in to hard working, non criminal bastards – if this is the case then i guess its done some good – i just feel that ONLY allowing drop outs and trouble makers access to such a cool project is nearly as criminal as allowing long term prisoners to have playstations and pets in their cells.

p.s. nearly number 1 in google for “Wheelbase Motor Project” haha

look some of your point of views maybe correct but on behalf of the clients here we work hard to try to change our lives round i un derstand that you are angry because you did not have the chances to to (cool shit) in your youth but at least wheelbase is giving people like us a chance to turn around and isnt that better then being on the streets taking drugs stabbing people and nicking your car! understand my point sir!


firstly i appreciate your point of view and you have the right to say what you like,…. but

i dont think you have all the facts, and your opinoin appears to be angry and jealous and not a logical argument for somthing unjust and your statement of –

“KIDS! If you want a career in the motor trade or you just cant be arsed to work hard at school, all you have to do is set your teacher on fire, smash a few school windows and kill any farm animals your school may keep! Simple! And as a reward you will be able to tinker about with cars, build grass track racers and even race them!”

this was just a stupid thing to say.

i do agree with some of what you say i was similar to you when i was young i wanted to do all the stuff we do here but i could not and i definately didn’t have the money to pay to go on a project like it, at least you did,

now i could be the same and slate what i don’t fully understand and use bad language, but i will not,

not all of our clients (students) are “toe rag crims” who are “rewarded” for bad behavior life is rarely that simple,

in fact the point that you miss through your clouded and missguided view of wheelbase is that you are more likely to find a young person who is a victim and needs help,

p.s. (nearly number 1 in google for “wheelbase motor project” haha)
this could not be more childish if you tried

Angry and Jealous?

Your damm right!!!!!

I totally, 100% see WHY the wheelbase project is in place, and i understand that it probably does turn young fuckwit’s around so that they no longer have the urge to set things on fire or kill people.


I still think (and always will, no matter how many of your minions you get to visit here and comment) that it is totally unfair that these guys and girls get to do something so cool, for being such bastards.

Yes, my family were able to afford to pay for me to go on a similar course when i was younger – and there was one such degenerate on the course with us – but why the fuck did we have to pay for it? He didnt!

He got it free, and the mother fuckers on TV who set their teachers on fire got it free, yet i had to pay – me – a hard working, law abiding (kinda) citizen who put not a single foot wrong in school or college.

Are you saying that all criminal bastards should be treated the same?

Is a child who sets fire to a teacher any different to an adult who sets fire to someone?

Yet im pretty sure they don’t send adult pyromaniacs to a cosy garage to make cool grass track racers they can race and have fun with.

NOTE TO ALL – I sort of understand the logic behind the project – reform them before they go on to commit more crime – but i really feel that its unfair to us hard working people that they get what i would consider to be rewards, for inexcusable behaviour!!!!

p.s the more you visit, the higher up google i’ll go – so thanks! 🙂