Past regrets, Present truths and Future plans

Ive probably done a few posts like this before, but a lot will of changed since then. As the title suggests, this post will fall into 3 categories, past, present and future.

Past Regrets

I have done a lot of things in my life that im not exactly proud of, and would never shout about them or promote them to other people as “the right thing to do” – but i do not regret them. I belive that all the things you do in your life define who you are and make you the person you are today – as long as the things you have done in your life have never hurt anyone (other than maybe yourself)

My past regrets are mainly to do with people. I regret losing touch with people and i regret not spending as much time with family. I guess the fact i live quite far away from my family is the reason im not as close to them as other people are to theirs, although its not really far enough not to visit more than i have.

My biggest regret from my past is losing touch with a certain person who had been my best friend (or at least one of them) for as long as i could remember. We had our run-in’s but always came out mates, i knew his dad, mum sister etc etc. And i lost touch with him over some stupid fucking teshirts that casued a massive argument between me him and dave – and he just vanished.

Apparently he has cut himself off from a lot of his friends, maybe i know why, maybe i dont.. I have no real way of contacting him to find out.

My only other regrets are probably not making the most of my education. I didnt exaclty dick about in school, i worked as hard as i could – i just wish i had carried on and finished my course, or changed it – as now i dont really have anythign to fall back on in case things that are going on at the mo backfire.

Which brings me on to my next subject.

Present Truths

At the moment i find myself in a rather annoying yet thankfully temporary situation. We still have the two businesses and to be honest hey are doing pretty well. Although like any small business many people take the piss when paying bills, which means cashflow is like a rollercoaster. And unfortunatly all the people i pwe money to (E-on, BT, AOL, TV Licence etc etc) dont seem to want to be paid every so often, they keep bangin on about monthly payments. So i had to do something about it.

Thankfully bills are starting to be paid, debts sorted, and i have actually put some money in my savings account today for the first time since i have owned it. I would like to work as much as possible there while the work is there and put some money away for future investments.

I would love to see MMS and work go to the next level, and i believe they will. But i dont think i will be satisfied at just that. Me and gem have already spoken about a business idea, and i would still love to own a shop selling trainers. I read duncan bannatynes book and it gave me a lot to think about. How he started, what he did to make himself what he is today.

Its made me realise that company debt isnt a bad thing as long as you can afford to pay it back and stil make money. So im going to sit on a few ideas of mine and see what situation im in in a few months. If im more financially stable them im going to the bank with a business plan.

Which again, brings me on to the final part of the blog entry.

Future Plans

I guess i just want to be comfortable in the future. I dont really want to work my arse off until im 60, i would much prefer to work like a slave until i was about 4o then retire – but who knows what is gonna happen. I belive the two businesses me and dave have will do well, and we will be able to let someone else run that allowing us to do other things.

I still want to travel as well, me and gem are both in agreement that living somewhere warm would be a much better idea than staying in this damp cold miserable country. I will only travel once any business ideas are either in motion or have been forgotten about, as i do not want to have to work my way around the world, i would much prefer to be paid to do it!

I guess i have my work cut out, and looking forward i know its not going to be easy – but its what i have got to do, and its what i will do.

Anyway, less blabbering, more work. Bye 🙂

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