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Useless Hoover/Candy/Gias Spares Enquiry

I have dealt with some degenerates in my time, but oh my lord – these people top the bill! I needed a little spare for my dishwasher to hold the cupboard door on the front of it, as it had broken before i moved in the house. I popped to B&Q and they informed me that this part was a candy part and that i would need to get it from them directly.

So, i rang candy and explained to some fool over the phone that i needed this plastic part to screw on the wooden door, so attach the door to the front of my dishwasher – so it looks like one of the cupboards!

It took a stupid amount of time to explain to him what it was i was after, but he eventually got it – or so he said. So we paid £8 (yes, eight whole pounds!) for this tiny part, and were told we would have to wait up to 8 weeks as it was coming from italy (on foot by the sounds of it!)

Roughly 8 weeks later, a jiffy bag came through the door. Guess what! wrong part! It was some metal thing that looked nothing like the part i was after!

So i rang them, explined again to someone the part i needed, and even sent in photos! He again claimed he had got the right part, and arranged for the one we initially got sent, to be picked up. A week later another jiffy bag came through the door – WRONG PART AGAIN!

I rang them AGAIN and told them they had messed up AGAIN even though i had sent them a picture of the part i required. The lady told me she would call me back – and didnt!

I have one again spoken to a person at candy, and she now informs me that the part is in fact a part you buy from a DIY store, and no direct from them at all!

So over two months has gone by now, and im still without the stupid little plastic bit that holds the door on. Stupid bastards!

Oh, and if you need to order some spares from candy, hoover or gias, than dont call their premium rate rip-off phone number, call the alternative number: 01204 556 100

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Oh dear! Sounds like a fun conversation. And I’m guessing you’re £8 out of pocket + whatever the small part costs from B&Q then mate? btw.. Your Gemma is blind when driving! Was waving and flashing my lights at her last night at the lights at Widecombe Fair, she was heading to your house and I was going other way lol

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