Bob Died Today – RIP Bob

Yes folks, my baby blackmoor goldfish died today at the ripe old age of 1 year and 10 days old. He has never been of the best health, he has had problems digesting his food since day one, and we have tried changing foods numerous times, to the extent i even fed him cucumber once!

We eventually found that using a tropical type fish food (dried daphnia (SP) worked well, and him and marlon have had that for months without an issue.

Then a few days ago we noticed he had gotten really thin, and had developed a white “haze” around him that looked like mould. We separated him from marlon and put him in the old bowl with some clean water in to see if we could get him better again.

He died this morning about 11:30am, and will be sorely missed by me, gem and bonnie. Marlon couldn’t give a shit as he gets more food and room to swim about now haha.

Rest in peace bob my little negro compadrez – go join trev and the others in that fishy heaven in the sky!

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