Holiday in prague

We had a short break to Prague booked for a while, we managed to get it for a good price – it only came to Β£200 exactly for flights and our hotel! We were only there for 4 nights, but there was breakfast included in the price πŸ™‚

We arrived late Tuesday evening, and pretty much crashed out in our room as we had travelled a lot and were very tired.

The next day we got up early and headed off to find the “Metro” so we could go to the centre of prague. We found the metro station, and felt so alienated as the ticket machines made no sense and all the signs were in czech. We asked some guy stood next to us which ticket we needed to get to cover us up to the centre of prauge, he pointed to the top button – the one marked 25 monies. So for both of us it was about Β£1.50 to get to the centre, which is nothing really is it πŸ™‚

We arrived at a stop we figured was roughly the centre (Florenc) and got off the metro – which was made by skoda by the way πŸ™‚ Prague is a very nice city, with wonderful architecture and ace statues and bridges and stuff. We wandered about all day discovering little streets with tiny bric a brac shops, a torture museum and all sorts of mad shops and attractions. We had some food and headed back to the metro station to make our way home. We bought tickets again, but noticed that a lot of other people didnt buy tickets. We also noticed that no one checked that you had tickets, and although there was things to stamp your tickets on, there was nothing stopping you walking right through and getting on the metro without paying, so from then on we didnt bother buying a ticket and just kept the ones we had already purchased as they had no dates on them either! strange!

That night we had some food in our hotel restaurant, and it was fairly nice, chicken with cheese and stuff – not bad for the price. We crashed out again for the night as we had probably walked ten miles or something πŸ™‚

The second full day was much the same as the first, except we knew our way about a bit so went straight to certain attractions like the huge Prague museum. It was very big, and had some really interesting stuff in it about czech history and shit like that. The building itself was amazing, inside and out! Deffo worth a visit but there is a lot to take in as its massive so wear comfy shoes!

We walked around a lot of shops that day too and found that adidas stuff was more expensive than jsut about anything – i felt like some kind of fashion mogul in my adidas trainers, adidas socks, adidas combats, adidas hoodie and adidas teeshrit. Haha πŸ™‚

Once we had ridden home (for free) and got changed, we went out to the local Chinese and managed to order some food, its not on par with English Chinese food (if that makes sense) but is probably more like actual Chinese food – sticky rice etc. It was very nice though, and unbelievably cheap!

The last full day was spent exploring parts of Prague we had not been in yet, including the big hike up to the castle on the hill. It is probably the most amazing structure i have ever seen, and in such good condition for its age. We had to walk past the guards outside the castle who were much like the ones in London, except they were out on the street and looked like they’d stab you if you went too near!

The castle was free to get in, and was packed with tourists. The inside was elegant and amazingly decorated, with perfectly intact stained glass windows and gold and marble bits everywhere. We took lots of photos in there but couldn’t get any really good ones due to the sheer size of everything, we couldn’t fit it all in the lens of the camera!

We left the castle and had a nice cup of tea at a hillside restaurant overlooking the whole of prague. It was a bit foggy, but you could see everything. Very impressive! We took a slow walk back down the hill stopping in souvenir shops to look at them little dolls that open up to reveal another one inside and so on and so on. And the vast array of glass ornaments and wooden puppets. We didn’t buy anything as it was all pretty tacky stuff, and to be fair its the kind of stuff people put on a shelf that gathers dust. Nothing of any real use!

We had started this day late, so that we could stay longer and witness all the buildings lit up in the darkness, and what a signt it was. They really show off the architecture in Prague, and quite rightly so. Some of the buildings just take your breath away, even more so when lit up at night.

We headed back to the metro and went to sleep for the last time in our hotel room.

The last half day was spent monging in the hotel, playing on the internet and eating and drinking. We couldn’t be arsed to move much as we had walked round the earth and back at least 4 times. We watched police academy 6 in the hotel restaurant and had the most amazing cheese on/in toast in the whole world! mmmm

We got back to the airport and awaited out fight back to england!

Here are a list of cool things that prague has to offer.

  1. cool buildings
  2. cheap food beer and cigarettes etc
  3. crazy museums and attractions

Here is a list of annoyances that i encountered

  1. ignorant people
  2. poverty
  3. dirty pavements and buildings
  4. terrible roads
  5. stupid language
  6. confusing currency
  7. skodas
  8. homeless people
  9. stray dogs

So if you weighed it up, its probably not the best place in the world. But, it was a great holiday, a well needed break and a good chance for some me-and-gem-time after our recent engagement πŸ™‚

I would recommend anyone to go, but not for too long as it could get a little boring. πŸ™‚

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My brother really rated the architecture (sp) in Prague, try Barcelona if your into that sort of thing too, i think that kept him entertained and isnt too expensive to go there

Barcelona is well worth a visit. I didnt think it was that cheap to be honest. But well worth a visit if you get chance.

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