I said she had to ask this time… And she did!

Whilst we have been adventuring around Amsterdam, Gemma Beans has popped the question (on my actual birthday) so we are now officially engaged again! I’m a happy chappy as things are back on track now and we can continue with the plans we had before – although they are slightly altered Now! We have both […]

Seeing more of the world

Gemma and I love travelling – its definitely our favorite thing to do! Our latest trip was to the coast of Alicante in Spain, and as per our other holidays i figured i would do a little report and recommend the place we went and services we used. We normally fly with EasyJet, but recently […]

Excited for Amsterdam

In approx 32 days Gem and I will be flying to Holland, and visiting wonderful city of Amsterdam. Ive wanted to go for over 10 years, but i have either not had the cash, time or both! Quite a few of my mates have been and have all given me tips to find the best […]