Bonnie The Dog

Jazz came to play!

It was a normal friday morning, mum went off to work and dad got up early (which to be fair is actually quite a rarity) and i went outside for a wee like i usually do, when all of a sudden, ding dong!

It was grandma and JAZZ!! Jazz had come round to play all morning! She had brought toys to play with and grandma brought her some food to have at lunch time and i stole a little bit it was lovely!

its jazzzzzzjazz went in, i chickened out!

Dad took us both out for a walk, and jazz seemed to like going in all the puddles – im still a but unsure of the, as im only small and i might drown! Dad kept shouting at us cos jazz is old and can do what she wants and i was folowwing her – hee hee it was ever so funny.

 cool pic!we are good girls

Then we got back home, fighted in the front room for agggeesss and then jazz went home 🙁 its not all bad, as she left one of her toys 😉 I have seen her since and she hasn’t said anything about it so as dad would say, yoink!

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