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Family Reunion!

Mum and dad took me to clumber park today, and i just thought we were going to run about in the fields again. How i was mistaken!

We got there and there was some other cars with us, and when the boots opened all my sisters and mummy dog jumped out and came over to fuss me!! There was Millie my mummy dog, Whinnie my sister and Molly my other sister!

reunited!my mummydog is very brave! im still no good with puddles!

It was so good to see them all again, my mummy dog has really changed a lot since i last saw her, she has got big muscles now and is very fast!! She is very strong too as she picked up this one stick and it was bigger than my daddy but she still pulled it along!!

I enjoyed playing with my sisters so much, it was like back at momma sarah and grandpa neil’s house when we would chase each other and play! I was a bit gutted i couldnt see my other sister though ๐Ÿ™ im not bothered that oakley wasnt there as he’s a boy and boys smell poooooo!

We ran around the big forest and chased sticks and jumped in puddles, it was the bestist day out ever in my life!!

I hope we can all meet up again sometime soon! I think the humans liked meeting up with each other too ๐Ÿ™‚

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Hehe! Im famous!
It was good to see you too sis! Did you do the sleep thing in the car on the way home too? Mum banished me to the boot of the car and for once I actually stayed there I was so tired!
Even Jack and Luke were worn out (And they’ve got loads of energy!)
We should all go again soon, theres some big massive fields near us that we could all explore, theres also less people around than at Clumber so we wont have to go on our stupid leads quite so much!

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