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Im proud of my dog!

Some people have a dog for a fashion accessory, some have them because their kids wanted one and they didn’t, but the kids rules the house so they got one anyway. Me and gem got a dog, because we wanted one, we love dogs, and my mate’s dog was having puppies!

And since picking her up what seems like forever ago we have not looked back! She has been blowing us away with how fast she learns things. She can sit, give both paws, lie down, go to her bed and go and see who’s at the door if we ask her to. And she is 12 weeks old! That’s 3 months!

When i was three months old i wasn’t doing shit apart from dribbling and shitting in my pants. Its amazing to watch something turn from a tiny puppy who knows nothing apart from “people = fuss & food” and “stuff = good to play with” – to a inquisitive, playful, loyal, loving part of our family.

Here’s to bonnie chops!

For those that dont know, you can read all about her adventures and her quest to become the most famous dog in the worldhere!

One reply on “Im proud of my dog!”

Thats because she’s a well bred, gorgeous, amazing Bonnie puppington Dog and her parents are tops with her!

Momma loves you Bonnie Chops you good girly girl hound! xx

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