Toasters from heaven!

I was browsing the web looking for the biggest toaster i could find, to replace the piss-ant little 2 slice one that we have. I managed to find 4 slices ones, 6 slice ones.. and conveyor belt ones that could keep toast churning out faster than i could eat it!

I continued to browse, and found a site called – this site has to have the answers, right?

I stubmbled upon this amazing creation, that i quite simply must have in my life. It only has space for 4 slices, but you can cook two egg’s on it as well!

The best toaster in the world

Back to Basics 4 slice toaster and egg poacher

Its only $65.99 which is only £33.71 in real money! I think thats what you call a bargain!

If see that i have linked to them, and wish to give me one of these i will be more than happy to forward anyone who enquires about my amazing new toaster to their website!

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