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Asleep with my mum

I didn’t want to post these in case any of my friends or brothers or sisters are reading. Its so embarrassing! I don’t always go sleeps with mum, i have my own room im not a baby or anything. In fact i have always had my own room so ner!

But dad said we both look cute! So here we are;

asleeps with mum

God, i hope i dont get teased for this when im out playing next. If i do im gonna beat dad up!

I guess it is a nice picture though 🙂

2 replies on “Asleep with my mum”

Hiya Sis!
Was good to see you again tonight!
Mum says we’ll have to go somewhere where we can have a good run round and not worry about pulling or knocking people over (Although I think thats half the fun hehe!)
See you soon Hopefully,

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