Bonnie The Dog

I can do the lie down!

I got lots of treats today! It all started the other day when my uncle stu came round and all night he was babbeling on about some lie down thing. I wasnt sure what he meant, but he kept lifting my feets so that i was on the floor.

Then today dad went to the treat box and got some in his hands. He got me do do the sit, and the paws. Then he said “Lie down” and pointed to the floor. I remembered what uncle stu had said, so i put my feets forward and lied down!

Well! You’ve never seen anything like it! Dad jumped up and scared me to death, gave me some treats then fussed me more than i have ever been fussed ever, i think! He got mum then said it again, so i lied down again, and i got more treats and more fussing off both of them!

i can do the lie down!

Im gonna remember that one next time im hungry!

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