Bonnie The Dog

Sticks are my favorite!

When we are out, dad plays this thing where he picks a stick up, says, “readyyy” and then lobs it miles and miles! I have to run after it, and when i have found it i bring it back to him and he gives me treats! I love it cos i can chew on the sticks and no one minds! I like to run with a stick in my mouth but i drop it sometimes and cant be bothered to pick it up again!

my stickmy other stick this one was my favorite

When i go to the park i like to eat the ducks poo too. Haha, dad will shout at me but i can run faster than him! Sometimes they both gang up on me, catch me and fuss me then run off! I love the park! We saw a scary doggy there the other day though so i will have to watch out for him!

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