I witnessed a miracle

Now im no believer of the whole religion thing, I don’t really believe in the paranormal – although I would really really like to (im a kind of believe it when i see it kinda person) I don’t believe in acts of god, or miracles.. but what I witnessed was what I can only describe as just that.. a miracle!

I was making some toast to eat as i was a tiny bit hungry. I put the bread (yes i originally wrote toast and had to change it) in the toaster, and stood staring at it somehow trying to use the power of my mind to speed it up. At exactly the same time my dog ran into the lounge because she needed the loo. I ran after her and opened the door.. She went outside.. I waited.. She came back, and i let her in.

Shit, the toast!

I ran back into the kitchen expecting to see some burnt ass toast that had shot up and had fallen on the floor.. and i was greeted with a miracle!

Not only was the toast perfect in colour and toastyness, it had also pinged up and landed smack bang in the middle of the toaster! Balanced there on its side steady as a rock. I could not belive my eyes!



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