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Things have really died down for the McCann’s recently. Appeal posters are being torn down in Portugal, the world wide news coverage has died down, and the hope that remained with many people has vanished just like she did over 8 months ago.

The few news reports that are still appearing talk about a new appeal for 2008, and new leads etc – But lets face it. We’re talking about a little girl thats been missing 8 whole months. Im sure that by now everyone in the world knows she’s missing, and if anyone was going to of seen her, then it would of happend by now.

I realise that some cases do emerge where kids that go missing turn up years later – but that was then, and this is now. With the modern technology that is available, every news update on everything that is going off at the minute is beamed to everyone round the world at the same time. News travels faster than ANYTHING in the entire world. And if someone spots a missing person, that information gets to the people that need to know about it in seconds.

As i have said with all my blogs, its a real shame – and the parents and family can never give up the search, which is totally understandable. But, it appears that slowly the rest of the world is giving up hope of ever seeing Madeleine McCann alive again.

Back to you in the newsroom..

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Jon Corner is a long-standing family friend of the McCanns and godfather of missing Madeleine. and also a film producer. By sheer coincidence he happens to become a director of the Maddie Fund exactly at the time the McCanns are attempting to clinch some exceptionally sick deals to make even more money out of their missing child.

Corner was active in producing “evidence” to shiow Maddie was alive after her disappearance, and will hopefully now be under investigation for trying to pervert the course. He’s just one part of that huge propaganda machine operating to protect the McCanns.

As journalists we are used to this. Taking on hugely wealthy and influential people who think they are above the law, often uncovering evidence for the police that is later used to convict, is an essential part of journalism in a free society. Think of Conrad Black, Jeffrey Archer, Jonathan Aitken, etc…

As a general rule the more the investigated party tries to manipulate the media, the more they have to hide.

The “breaking news” was in reference to the meetings to secure the £10m film/book/tv deals which had been intended to be announced as a fait accompli this week after the Vanity Fair article was published, not the VF article itself.

My own mention of it on HYS on January 3rd spurred the Evening Standard to run the story on January 8th even though Clarence was trying to keep it under wraps. Their hope was that the arguido status would have been lifted just days before, leaving them free to wheel and deal to secure the first anniversary deals which have been talked about since LAST JUNE.

It says a lot for the arrogance of Clarence and Gerry that they convinced VF back in October that Maddie would not be found by the January publication date. The story would have been worthless had she been.

The public backlash against the wheeling and dealing, along with the extension of the arguido status, has forced a major re-think on the deals. It is still a major story with huge bids involved, but with charges imminent the movie-makers are biding their time. They are sensible enough to see this film might be made after all, with a slightly different ending, and not having to pay the McCanns anything… Clarence, of course, wins either way, as the one with the inside story.

The VF interview has also backfired in other ways, not least the failure of Clarence to proof-read Gerry’s blundering coments. The mystery of Cuddles Cat on the high shelf, so crucial to Kate’s “knowing” the child had been abducted, somehow being sat on the bed when Gerry arrived is just one little gem that the PJ will be adding to their long list of inconsistencies that eat away at the McCann story.

I will need a good insurance policy? You’re surely not suggesting Team McCann would use underhand tactics to stifle commentary against them?

If so, there are many journalists on this case, who know far more than I, who will need to be looking over their shoulder.

Journalists these days, are well known for twisting fact into fiction. You can bet your life that someone within the ranks of Journalism is feeling uneasy about the “No Stone Left Unturned” statement made by Madeleine’s family. All Journalists aren’t good people just because they hold the position of “How To Gossip Indiscriminately and Get Away With It!”
Could it be that this much beloved child called Madeleine, who just so happens to be by chance, a child whos parents have gained a strong position of force which will finally bring the much needed limelight and attention against a highly dubious rich and elitist order who think that they have the right to snatch children to order just because they have the wealth to hide them?

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