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Fluorescent Orange Nokia N73

Ok, so i was looking at new phones, and peeped the nokia N82, which is definatly the phone i will be having upon upgrade time. Then i thought back to the last time i spoke to t-mobile and they told me i had this phone for ages yet – so i got thinking.. How can i update the look of my phone without getting a new one.

I then remembered that Nokia’s come apart fairly easily, so i looked on the net for a guide on how to disassemble a n73. I found one on the nokia blog and i set about taking my n73 apart. I would of probably been able to do it without the help of the Nokia blog, as i only wanted to take the front cover off – i was just a bit scared of snapping any brackets off. Its happened to us all before!

Anyway, i removed the front cover, and found a tin of bright orange matt paint that i had got with a Ferarri Airfix kit i got off Gems parents for xmas. So i set about slapping the paint on, making sure i didn’t get any on the plastic screen cover.

I didnt bother sanding the remaining paint off the phone, i just slapped the paint on nice and thick and then let it dry for ages. And, hey presto!

Maybe the worlds first EVER fluorescent orange Nokia n73! 

Excuse the crappy pic, but my usual picture taking device was having its photo taken 🙂

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