Bonnie The Dog

Hi guys!!

Hi folks, how are you? Im doing fine, im now getting into this walking thing.. Dad takes me out every morning, and mum and dad both take me out in the afternoons, is great. I get to meet lots of new doggys and their humans.

I have mostly been chillin with dad now he has started working again. He works upstairs now instead of downstairs, and he lets me do what i want. Its most excellent. He keeps shouting at me though as i get bored of my toys and chew some of his instead.

Daddys hoodie!! OOPS!haha, tug of war

Apart from that i have been sleeping a lot, and im now down to 3 meals a day instead of 4.. Which is crap!!! I keep pawing my food bowl though and these soft humans cave in and give me treats!

ZzzzZZzzzJust checking

Im learning words fast too, i know what walkies is now.. And i know what wellies are.. And my lead.. Dads trying to get me to “LAY DOWN” now.. what the hell does he mean?

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