Bonnie The Dog


I don’t know, who’d have ’em! I went to my grandma’s house just before xmas and jazzmine and i were playing tug. She just could not see that i had to have the chew toy. Its nothing personal, i just wanted it. But shes really big, and kept pulling it off me. I cant wait to be bigger im gonna chase her all around the park! 🙂

its mine!ok, lets talk about this..

And then, today, my brother oakley came over for a bit, and he was trying to steal my toys! He’s been walking in the outside for longer than me though, so he’s got bigger muscles 🙁 its not because he’s a boy – cos boys smell – girls are way better, but i just was feeling a bit tired that day.

no oakley its mine!!look, see, i was tired

And THEN, to top it all off.. my MUM tried to steal my toys! I was not amused! I have now taken them all back, and no one is allowed any. If you would like to trade then i will need pictures of the toys first. And you don’t get my toy till i have yours firmly in my mouth!

NOT MY OWN MUMMY!my toys!!

Family eh!

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