Bonnie The Dog

Xmas was fun!

Hi guys!

Well, after weeks of what seems like torture, we finally got to rip those things up that were under that tree! It was lots of fun, and in the paper there was toys and treats too! I cant wait for that tree to come out again! I keep looking under trees i see in the outside, but they dont have presents under them. Maybe its just indoor trees?

HELLO!!! xmas bonnie

I got a new scarf as a gift from aunty chazza and uncle stu, its very pretty and makes me look more like a princess, or so my mum says. I like to chew it but dad shouts at me. He always shouts at me when i chew that or one of his coats! boo!

my new scarf sniff sniff

I went to both my grandma’s houses over the xmas break as dad calls it, and played with the jazz, the ginger nuts, both grandma’s and grandad’s and aunty zoe. Uncle ol sometimes played but he mostly stared at his little bleeper thing.

I had lots of fun the whole time. It was nice to play with mum and dad together for ages too. Mum has to go out all the time in the day usually and i miss her 🙁

Anyway, gotta go!

Lots of love

Bonnie x x x

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