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King Size Rizla Billboard Advert

A while ago, a friend of mine mentioned to me that when rizla first started their advertising campaign for their new product “The King Size Rizla” they used bill board ad’s that suggested they were “for that special one at the end of the night” etc.

Many years later it got brought up, so i decided to hunt around on the internet for proof of such an occurance.

I started with google of course, and tried a few blatant search terms that – if such billboards existed – would definatly find them. No luck. So i wided the search, and just looked for examples of king size rizla adverts full stop.

I found a few things, most of them about complaints that king size rizla adverts suggested their use was for rolling fat spliffs.

But, no matter how hard i looked, i found nothing about billboards blatently stating they were made for joints. if you really think about it, their is no use what so ever in the world for king size rizlas, apart from for use with biftahs. Why would they make a red king size, and then a silver one that is jsut that little bit bigger? As if anyone in the world smokes silver king size roll up’s. That would be one yellow finger’d pikey.

The above image is a photoshop of what it could of looked like. If you know more then post a comment. 🙂

2 replies on “King Size Rizla Billboard Advert”

Now, now Olly, don’t be so judgmental. Say I’m a builder who’s a bit or a lot of a fan of the old roll-up but my breaks have been cuts short by my new boss. I can roll a good few over breakfast and spark em up during my short breaks.

Surely a 12 inch silver rizla roll-up would save a lot more time than rolling several short green ones?

Hahaha, yeah but single normal small skin rollups take the average roller about 10 seconds to make and spark up..

These take time, and precision.. and that is only applied to smoking by people who smoke weed

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