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Full of Beans & Bestist Friends

Hello Fans,

I’m sorry i haven’t updated my blog for a while, dad has been busy on his computer and i haven’t been able to use his computer. I have been such a busy girl playing with my friends and meeting new ones i don’t even know where to start!

16122007131_800x600.jpgsleeping in a funny position!

I went to play with my bestist friends keira and ruby the other day again, and they TOTALLY exhausted me! I actually slept for about 2 days afterwards!

PASSED OUT! hahaSleepin upside down

Me and mum had a little sleep on the floor together too that night, she was being silly as she has a big bed upstairs and was sleeping on the floor for a few mins! Silly Human!

me and my mummy15122007125_800x600.jpg

I have decided that my new favourite chew toy is daddy coat, and that my new favourite place to be is the naughty step. I like it as its cool and its peaceful – until someone go’s up the stairs anyway!!

new favorite chew toyon the naughty step!!

Also, my daddy called me a andrex puppy the other day cos i stole the toilet roll and was playing with it under mum and dad’s bed – i don’t no what andrex is but i think its a dog thats on the telly? Maybe they mean im famous? My dad does say that i will be one day! I also went to play with jazz on Sunday, and she actually played back this time! I kept nipping her and she’d flatten me with her head – it was lots and lots of fun, but my ears were very wet afterwards cos jazz kept dribbling on me!

me and jazmineme and jazmine 2

I have also learnt how to play paws, and also how to come down the stairs! Now there is no stopping me! Mummy and daddy put some stuff in my food that made me poorly. They said it was for worms, so i don’t no why they gave it me!! It put me off my food for a few days to be honest, but now im back to my usual food guzzling self!

Negro Andrex PuppyPaws!

I am also getting really bummed having to be in the house all the time, i really can’t wait for my second jabs so i can play outside every day and go sniff other doggys. Also i have so much energy i just cant get rid of it so i ave to run to the front door, to the back door, then back to the front door, then to the back door, etc etc etc.. It tires me out and mummy and daddy laugh at me!

I promise i wont leave it as long till the next update friends.

Lots of Love
x x x

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Hiya Ol
Happy New Year, hows Bonnies paw(sorry, couldnt help myself) hope one day you will find it in yourself to forgive us and not want revenge
Love naughty grannie

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