Slipped through the PC “net”!

I dont mean PC as in po-leece officer, or personal computer, i mean political correctness. I for one am totally against it, i feel that it is every man and womans duty to be kind and civil with the next man or woman, and everyone should treat everyone else with the same level of respect, but i dont for one minute feel that changing old nursery rhymes to read “Wooly sheep” instead of “Black sheep” is in any way benefiting our country.

Its just gone mad hasn’t it, your no longer allowed to call a Black board, a blackboard. Its now a chalkboard, you can no longer say postman, you have to say super special uniformed mail delivery superintendent.. or some bizarre shit like that. Why the fuck cant i say these things? When i say blackboard, i dont mean negroboard, or niggerboard, i mean blackboard. Therefore i feel that the whole concept of PC is racist itself, as it assume’s that the person hearing or reading the word blackboard is associating it with the derogatory term used in racist remarks.

Its total bullshit, and i for one will never change the things i say, as i do not mean them in the way these people obviously assume we do. And if anyone overhearing me things that im being racist, then they can fuck right off, as im not.

Anyway, back to the point in hand. The initial reason for this post was to highlight something on TV that i instantly laughed at, and was stunned to of actually seen it aired on daytime TV.

It was an advert for a play-kitchen, and it was a little cooker, and all the posts and pans you need for a fully stocked play kitchen. It was all plastic of course, and the product, albeit an old idea, looked pretty safe. The voice-over guy on the other hand, wasn’t so clever.

He went on to say how the play kitchen was awesome bla bla, and how its good cos kids can mimic what their MUM’s do in the kitchen.. Ahaha.. surely that’s not PC? Not that i support PCness, and not that i dispute 80% of mum’s/girlfriends do actually cook and do the house work, but for an advert to blurt out how they can be “Just like mum” by being in the kitchen made my alarm bells ring.. I bet £50 that advert isn’t on TV much longer, someone will twig and deem it inappropriate for TV as it is sexist.

Xmas around the corner, all you women best get cooking and doing all that shit that women do. While us men put our feet up, drink beer and fart.  😉

My opinions are influenced by the company that produced the advert for them play kitchens, please use google to find them and send any legal documentation to them if you have in anyway been offended by the things i have written here.

I am not racist, and do not wish for anyone to read into this post too much, and think that i am. I judge people as individuals, and hate those who give reason to hate. Or some shit..

Dun dun der…


6 replies on “Slipped through the PC “net”!”

Guess what my two have got for Christmas?
Yup, you guessed it! a kitchen! lol
I agree with you on all the PC crap. Have you heard where radio one have bleeped out faggot from “Fairytale of new york?” 20odd bloody years theyve been plaing it, and now its been bleeped ut, not because anyones complained, but because people MIGhT find it offensive! Stupid!

Why are you on the internet emma get back in that kitchen!

Oh and while your at it get the floor hoovered and the ironing done!

You women ought to know your role!


Are the rules different for your house then Maddox??? lol. Every time we nip round it seems to be YOU doing this stuff? 😉
as for ironing, pfffft. what do you think easy iron conditioner and tumble driers were invented for? lmao

Maddsy actually phoned me on the 23rd… stevie had sent him shopping… he phoned me christmas eve saying he was doing the ironing 😆 And people wonder why he has such soft hands HAHAHA

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