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Im learning very fast

Well, thats what mum and dad keep saying. I already scratch the back door when i need to poo or wee, sometimes i cant hold it though but not very often now. Also, mum was sayin “Paw” “Paw” “Paw” and holding a treat and touching my feets. Why didnt she just ask me to “give me your feets bonnie” i DONT know, but i figured it out eventually and i got a lot of treats!

Watching TV with dad11122007083_800x600.jpg

Apart from that, me and dad have jsut been chilliin at home, he taps away on this laptop thing and i play with my toys and i eat food too. Its most excellent, as dad even lets me walk aout the house by myself now, he leaves my cage open and i go in when im sleepy. I have had tummy ache recently though and its made my poo’s runny but they are OK now.

Dad shouted at me when they were runny becasue he couldnt clean them up! haha! He waited until there was cold white stuff on the floor and then it had gone hard.

Me and the birdsMe helping dad sweep up

We have been outside a lot recently and i have been helping daddy sweep the floor. Dad threw some food on the floor and wouldn’t let me have it. Then, all of a sudden these thingscame down from the sky and started eating the food. There was loads of them! I wanted to chase them but every time dad opened the door to outside they ran off!

I think im going to look out for them again when im outside playing again. I will sneak up on them and pounce! I love pouncing its my favourite!

Got to go to bed now, BORING! Speak soon!

Bonnie xxx

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Stupid Underling. The only reason you should give a human anything is if it betters your life in some way. I know a mere dog would not understand these things.

Try this, next time your mum says PAW, bite her, hard, until she bleeds. Then wait for the treats to pour in because she will be scared of you.


What I want to know is, what the heck is so important about this Santa man? It looks like we’re ALL having to have baths for when he comes. I don’t have to have a bath for when momma comes, or when uncle Ben or Simon come, so why do I have to for when Santa comes?


Millie Mummy Dog xx

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