Bonnie The Dog

My First Bath!

Well, what can i say about this! I went upstairs the other night, and mum was in this big white thing. I couldnt reach it but i could just see over the top if i jumped up. It looked like fun, and was wagging my tail, so my mum said that she would bath me too! I was excited but i wasnt sure why!

mum in bathrunning the bath for me!

I started to get a bit scared when my mum picked me up and lowered me to the water, it was SCARY. It was like i was in a big puddle, but it was warm! My mum started rubbing me with water, and then put something on me and it foamed up like mum’s bubbles! If im honest, i’d had enough and tried to get out at one point, but dad held me down and mum poured water on me again. It was OK cos it was warm but i was glad to get out!

WET DOGGY!Soapy puppy!

My mummy started drying me with a big blanket and then i managed to wriggle free and have a good shake! My hair isnt very long though so not much water came off!

After dad dried me some more downstairs in front of the fire, i felt a lot better than before. I smell as good as i look! I have to stay beautiful for when i see all my freinds afterall!

Mummy drying meShiney happy puppy

I read that my brother oakley had a bath before me, but he’s a silly boy and boys smell of poo anyway! hahaha!

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