Bonnie The Dog

Dad says im a big girl

I had the most busiest weekend ever, after my sleepover my birth grandma and pa came to see me. As soon as i heard birth grannys voice i remembered her! She looked after us when we were all very tiny and i think her voice was the first thing i can remember!

I remember grandpa too he always used to come down in the mornings and he was always nice to us and we would have waggy tails for him. It was great fun!

sniffin flooron_the_naughty_step.jpg

We then went to my OTHER grandma’s again for dinner. I have so many friends and family its hard for me to remember them all! I remembered my other grandma and grandpa, as they have the big jazzmine doggy. Jazzmine barked at me a few times, but i like following her around the house. I think she avoids me 🙁

Dad says that jazzmine will play when we are not in her house, maybe its cos she is frightened we will break something? Anyway, another reason i cannot wait to start walking!

dads always on that thingno work today dad!

Im having the most fun ever, and im the happiest doggy in the world. My daddy says he wants me to be the most famous doggy in the world too – it cant be hard cos i only know about 10 dogs! Or do you think there is more dogs in the world? Hmm.. i guess there could be? He also says that im growing and that im nearly a big girl! Wow, i bet i get loads more treats and toys when im a big girl as mummy and daddy have lots of toys and they are all rate big and tasty and im not allowed them… YET!

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