Im such a saddo

Im sat here, its 23:53 on the last saturday before xmas. I have been out with Gemma, Chaz and some of the Maxxd lot – but as i dont really drink i volunteered to drive, and got a bit bored so i have left Gem and Chaz in Chicago (not the state of the US of A) and i have come home.

Instead, im sat listening to the music i want to listen to – mainly the beastie boys and jimi hendrix! Im eating a chicken cob –  that gem made for herself but im hungry – chillin out on my laptop. And even though im doing 3 of my favourite things (ok 4 but i aint going into detail) i cant help missing my angel and my puppy 🙁

Pup is having a sleepover at gem’s mum’s and i hate being away from her. The house still smells of puppy, and her toys are on the floor – but shes miles away 🙁

I know, im sad – but those are the two thigns most important to me, and i have none of them at this moment in time. :'(

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