Bonnie The Dog

My First Walk!! Woooo!

I got told by mum and dad that i wasnt allowed to go out and play with the big dogs until i was a big girl, but grandma took me out anyway (naughty naughty!) but i LOVED it! I had the BEST time ever! Grandma said i was a good girl on the lead – im a good girl anyway so i t didnt matter 🙂

my first walkmy first walk 2

There was lots of things to sniff, but i wasnt allowed to sniff poo or doggies bums as its dirty apparently, and i might get germs from it. I played with the two ginger doggies all day again as they are my bestist friends in the world.

But i missed mum and dad again, and mummy came to pick me up after she finished working. I dont no what shes been working on, but i think it might be some toys for me! 😀

When we got home i had lots of hugs and kisses off daddy, and went to sleep straight away becasue i was very, very tired!

I cant wait to go out for a walk again, but dad says i have to wait till the new year. I dunno what is wrong with the old one it must be broken so we cant use it.

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