AuctionAds Blog Down? – Have they ‘done one’?

It wasnt even a week ago when i blogged about how i was losing faith with the auctionads project –  and now im blogging about them again.

For about a week, maybe two, their blog has been down. So that means they cant update anyone with system status’s etc. Ok, so that’s not the end of the world? Right? Wrong! They are also ignoring emails i am sending them, and they are 8 days late paying me money i was SUPPOSED to get months ago anyway!

I dont know what they are playing at, but they are fucking me right off! I hope people find this and realise what a shit programme this has turned out to be!

While we are on about how crap auctionads is, i might as well mention that a member of my adidas superstar forum actually noticed the banners were in fact advertising a FAKE pair of adidas superstars.. One of the things that my website is TOTALLY against.. we have educated HUNDREDS of people in how to spot fake kicks.. And there is MY SITE advertising FAKES for sale!!!!!!

I removed ALL auctionads from that site the day after.

I suggest anyone reading this ditches AuctionAds too, and puts the fuckers in the ground where they deserve to be.

Im pretty sure you can get your OWN ebay feeds direct from ebays developer tools so you could cut out AuctionAds and still earn money.

Ditch them, join the revolution! 

2 replies on “AuctionAds Blog Down? – Have they ‘done one’?”

Yes, i got my money in the end.

I must of sent them at least one message a day for a month, and it seems they finally realised they were wrong, and i was right.

I no longer use any auction ads service!

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