I just fed my goldfish cucumber

Yep, cucumber.  It came as quite a shock, when i read that cucumber can be good for fish that are having trouble swimming. I.e. floating on the top, or swimming upside down.

We have had Bob and Marlon for AGES now – they were a gift from gemmas mum for mine and gems 6th month anniversary, so we have had them almost 6 months now. And the whole time, bob (the black moor goldfish) has not been very well. He has always had trouble swimming and keeping upright.

We paniced when he first did it, as our last black moor trevor started struggling swimming and he passed away. 🙁 So we looked into it and learned that it could of been to do with the fact we were feeding them flakes, and when they eat them they take air in too, and air in the belly causes them to float!

We changed to pellets, and he seemed to be fine for a while – then he started doing it again. So we looked into it again, and heard that it could be indigestion. So we didn’t feed them for a few days so they could both crap out any food they had in them. A day or two later he was fine and dandy again – better than ever.

A few days ago he started playing up again – and this time he wasnt struggling to swim he just wasnt swimming at all. He would just float at the top and hardly move. Marlon will come along and peck at him which startles bob and that makes him shift, but apart from that he was almost motionless.

So again we consulted the internet, and a few sites mentioned feeding them things like chopped up cooked peas, and cucumber!! We didnt have any cooked peas to hand, so we chopped up a bit of cucumber and lobbed it in. They are now both swimming round pecking at the bits every now and then and both seem happy.

I think we are gonna try live bloodworm next, as they wriggle about inside the fishes digestive system, ans free up any blockages.. apparently!

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thank you that really helped i have a black moore aswell and have had the same problem with him not swimming just floating around the tank , it started about 3 days ago when i changed the water and changed the food to pellets , i think i will try cucumber and see if that helps.

Are you kidding me, my lil man had been sitting at the bottom of the tank for about a week, wouldn’t move unless it was coming up for food. His fins were in and he looked as if he was fading. Read your blog entry today and diced up some cucumber real fine and dropped in there… Its as if i just gave him a friggin mars bar! Talk about sugar rush, fins are out, whizzing around the tank like a maniac, so i had to leave a comment just to say thankyou! You literally saved his life 😉 …It better last loool
Mwah <3

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